About us

We do our best to choose and present high quality commercial opportunities in Slovakia

We provide marketing, advertising, administration and  broker services for owners and sellers of investments and/or commercial properties and we connect owners or sellers directly with buyers or investors. If you are looking for a commercial property or business to buy in Slovakia this is the right place for you. We present Slovak investment opportunities worldwide to investment groups, private equity groups, home offices, HNWI, private bankers, retail investors, institutional investors, relevant companies and to individual investors.

Our main goal is promote only high quality investment opportunities and commercial properties for sale in Slovakia.

When you contact publisher to get more information about a listed property or an investment opportunity, please, be sure that you provide necessary information about you or about a buyer or an investor. We will not deal with a middleman or lender and we will not send requested information when we can not verify that an interest is genuine. Our clients are mainly successful businessmen and they have no time to waste, so requests are checked and scrutinized before transferred to a property owner or an investment owner.

To move forward: a buyer is requested to submit non-binding LOI and POF to connect with a seller.

You can contact us whenever by email info@investin.sk or by using the contact form



PhDr. Ernest Rakonczay

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Email:  er@ercony.com

PhDr. Juraj Haško - INVESTIN

Tel: 00421905180817

E-mail: hasko@mail.com